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  • What age do you start accepting kids for your classes?
    At age 5 we are happy to assess your child to start classes. We have had children younger at rare occasions, and sometimes even at 5 years old we advise parents to wait another few months. We would rather be honest with a parent and have them wait for a good experience than to start their child and have them not get anything out of our program.
  • Can you host my birthday event?
    YES!!! Walker's American Martial Arts does host birthday events. (We will even be adding it to this website soon...).Come on in and talk to Sensei Walker and he can get you all set up for a great birthday celebration.
  • Do I need to have previous knowledge in self-defense?
    Absolutely not. Everyone starts somewhere, and this is a perfect place to start with your martial journey.
  • Do I have to be in good shape to start classes?
    The martial arts are a great way to get started on your fitness journey, and to maintain it once you have achieved your goals. But you don't have to be an olympic athlete to get started. If you feel you need to, talking to your doctor would be good. But with martial arts being what they are, you will be determining the level you put into your training.
  • Do you require competition or board breaking for belt promotions?
    The short answer is NO. Though competition can be really fun, as well as a great way to push yourself to break through to that next level, and board breaking is SUPER COOL... We don't require either. Neither board breaking or competition are essential parts of the martial arts. Both can teach great lessons, but neither is something that we can't live without. When the day comes that you DO decide to do either of these things, we will help you to be a success at either or both.
  • Is there a good time to start? When does your next session start?
    Great question. We teach with what we like to call a rotation. It is broken up into 6 week groups with a 2 week "review" at the end. So even if you started in the middle, you would get the things you missed either in the "review" or in the start of the next rotation. So basically, ANY TIME is the perfect time to start.
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